Burrowing Owl Conservation Society of BC


Pairings for Release

In the days leading up to Release Day, the Team Leaders will meet and review all the owls scheduled for release that year. All of the birds will have been sexed earlier. Most of the owls will be paired, based on their genetic backgrounds. They will be weighed and checked carefully for the last time before their great journey begins. Then they are placed in the carry crates. The Volunteer Research Team will then transport the owls to the many release sites.

All the owls band numbers and records of their release burrows are recorded. The field monitoring team will rely on this information as their job of following the progress of the owls in the wild begins now.

Catch-up and records check.

BC and US leg bands

BOCSBC (left) and US Fish and Wildlife Service leg bands.

Putting on a US leg band.

Records for pairing.

Weight and measurement.

Ready for release.


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