April / May

The breeding and egg laying female remains underground a great deal of the time.

The male remains out side of the burrow. He does not incubate but will bring food items(prey) to the burrow entrance for his mate .

Egg laying

  • Usually once every 36 hours
  • Usually 3 - 11 eggs are laid
  • Incubation usually starts after the first 4-6 eggs are laid
  • Incubation lasts approximately 28 days
  • Subsequent eggs will be incubated as they are laid.


    The later young will be asynchronously hatched over a period of 2 to 7 days later.

    This results in age differences in the clutch with the youngest chicks usually smaller than their older siblings.

    Younger, smaller chicks may die or are killed by siblings as they are not able to compete for food as well.

    The adult female provides food for her young from her crop for the first 14 days.