What WE DO

Raise and care for owls

Our mission is to create naturally sustainable breeding populations of burrowing owls within their historic range.

We raise owls in dedicated facilities and release them to the wild in co-operation with our land stewardship partners.


Create habitat

We strive to establish and maintain stewardship programs for the conservation and enhancement of the burrowing owl population and their habitats in BC.

Our group of volunteers is actively creating and maintaining a network of artificial burrows for the released owls. With the co-operation of First Nations bands and other land stewards, more than 800 nest have been built to date.

Promote grassland biodiversity

We support and promote activities related to grassland and species habitat enhancement in BC.

BOCS BC has developed education and interpretation programs for the public and resource users to inspire conservation of the unique grasslands environment.


We are a non-profit society concerned about the conservation of species and habitats in BC.


24 October 2017
02 February 2015
02 February 2015